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Remote work
done right

Focus on what matters: work. Without making everyone go crazy.

A better way to interact with your peers

All in a single place

One of the most annoying things is having all of your stuff scattered all over the place, but that's something we are trying to fix.

  • An app to rule them all

    Have everything in one single app. Discussions, tasks, projects, reports, clients, files and meetings — all together.

  • Get rid of meetings

    Manage all your clients through Ephiro — create discussions, make requests and have them upload files all within the app.

Asynchronous Communication

This is the core of Ephiro.

Communication is a very complex part of being remote — and, the truth is, most of us picked up bad habits regarding this throughout our life.

Ephiro pushes our users to rely on asynchronous communication, maintaining broader discussions about topics instead of relying on dozens of small, not properly thought messages that can easily get lost.

  • Discussions

    You can't know when a co-worker is available to hear you. Instead of settings things on-the-go, create intestering discussions to get well-thought, intelligent responses.

  • Reports

    People shouldn't have to be asked what they're doing all the time. Write reports to let your peers know what you've been up to.

  • Timezones

    Not only can you check your peers work hours on your timezone, the system alaso adjusts all timestamps to your current timezone.

Report without a worry

No need to micromanage or bother anyone. Let your peers know what you've been up to and enhance communication by having a more transparent workflow.

  • In-App Reports

    See the workflow of your whole organization in a single page.

  • Email Reports

    Receive a daily e-mail with all that happened in your organization: tasks, dicussions and reports.

Organize your projects and tasks

Split your tasks in several projects for maximum organization, and add different teams and people to each of them to maintain communication.

  • Share with clients
    Coming Soon

    Let your clients see projects or only particular tasks and communicate with you directly through them.

  • Notifications

    Receive alerts in the app and through your e-mail whenever there is new activity on a task.


No tricks. Pay as you go.

You will stay on the premium plan during the 14-days trial and will be downgraded if no credit card is added.

$0 /mo

The plan for small teams that do not interact with clients.

  • Unlimited projects, 4 users

  • All basic features, except Clients

  • Basic Support

$20 /mo

The plan for bigger teams or teams that interact with clients.

  • Unlimited projects, users and clients

  • All features

  • Premium Support

Free for open-source organizations
Free Premium plan for open-source organizations.

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