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Don't spend hours on Slack trying to figure out what's going on, ever again.

A new way to communicate

On a world that's becoming remote, the old way of communicating does not work anymore. Your teammates might not be available — be it because they are making lunch or because they are sleeping.

  • Asynchronous Communication

    Use Discussions to write messages with way more value than regular chat messages and let your teammates see the at anytime.

  • Attach to relevant tasks

    If you are discussing something that relates to one or more tasks, you can attach them.

  • Share with clients

    If it's something that needs their input, you can share it with them.

Interact and stay in the loop

We know that you're not a robot, so we try our best to make this easy for you.

  • Notifications

    If you are following a discussion, we will notify you of new comments. If you're mentioned, we will notify you as well.

  • Comments

    Interact with your teammates and add formatted texts to help your thinking.

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