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On this page you will find a basic guide on how to use our platform.


Discussions are the core of Ephiro. It's one of the features you will use the most.
The idea of discussions is to move away from your chat app for important things and instead have a place where you can maintain an asynchronous communication with your peers, having more time to think and write better, coherent answers.

Discussions can be accessed through the "Discussions" link on the navigation bar. As of right now, every member of an organization can add comments to a discussion.

  • Discussions can be tied to tasks and in, the feature, will have an attachments feature.
  • Every time someonoe adds a comment to a discussion, everyone who followed the discussion or commented on it will receive an e-mail notification.


Teams are fractions of your organization. There you can add or remove members, see recent updates and post notifications exclusively to members of that team.


Projects are also an important part of the app. Each organization has a different idea of what a project consists of — for us, "Web App" can be a project, while for other "Reports Feature" could also be a project. For a law firm, a big case could be a project. We respect that and we don't enforce you to do anything in a certain way.

Inside projects, you'll find your lists and your tasks. You can create unlimited lists and they have some particularities we will talk about on the next topic.


Lists are simpliy statuses of tasks. We do not enforce you default lists, but we do provide some tools for you to keep a check on them. When creating a list, you'll find the "Internal Status" section, which has 3 options: "Backlog", "In Progress" and "Done". You may select one of them or may leave it as is. If you do select an option, our system will automatically calculate and generate reports for you of which tasks in the whole organization are in the backlog, in progress or done, based on the lists that have that internal status selected.


This part is self-exaplanatory. Tasks have comments, members, a due date and you can also attach discussions to them. They'll apear on the calendar of every member with a blue background.
All of the members of the task or members who are following the task receive updates through e-mail.


This is one of the most important and useful features of the app. The reports section allows you to quickly inform your peers what you've done on your day and also manage your work status: "Working", "Working from Home" and "Day off". That way your peers can quickly now if you are around and what you've done.


This is where you'll find your tasks and meetings.

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Activity Sidebar

Quickly know what's going on in your organization


Maintain contact with clients directly through Ephiro. No more messy e-mail threads!

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